Sunday, November 30, 2008


New scam


DATE: 29/11/2008


This is to Officially inform you that the FBI Investigations and Revenue Department(IR) had just come across a suspended monetary transaction file linked to your email identity from Google search and would want to know if you had such monetary commitments ongoing.

There has been a case file on my desk involving your email profile and a second party trying to execute a monetary transaction with the same email identity as yours.Initially our agency had tagged your case file as illegal and sought to invite you for further investigations until now.Our agency had also contacted the paying bank,Bank of America for questioning and they have verified the existing transaction and would disburse funds as instructed.

We advice that if the case file name registered is a familiar one or if you have had prior monetary commitments in the past,do not hesitate to email our agency promptly.

You are required to send in the following to enable our agency scan for irregularities and assist you officially to claim such funds and as you may wish:

1. Full Names:

2. Residential Address:

3. Phone Number:

4. Occupation:

5. Sex: Female

6. Nationality:

7. Age:

8. SSN:

9. Copy of Identity (Valid License):

We expect an urgent mail from you within the next 72 hours so that we can conclude our investigations.

Service To Humanity.
Agent Robert Mueller

FBI Special Agent in Charge
Investigations Department
Baltimore (Maryland).
Phone :*

This scam was sent six times for good measure. I'm pretty sure that impersonating an FBI agent is a federal offense. For some reason, the scammer goofed and filled in "female" for sex. Also, Robert Mueller is the current director of the FBI; his name was used to add the thinnest veneer of legitimacy, but it makes this already unbelievable scam even more unbelievable for those who know who he is.

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Monday, November 17, 2008


My reponse to Jeffrey Hart's article

The Republicans Are Now the Stupid Party


In its embrace of the religious right under George W. Bush, the Republican party became the stupid party. And committing suicide along with it has been the conservative movement. The party united around god, guns and gays is finished.

My response:

The neoconservatives are responsible for driving the party into the ground, not religious/social conservatives. In fact, I would not be surprised if Mr. Hart is yet another rat who jumped the neoconservative ship of fools.

If Mr. Hart wants a party that does not care about right reason or moral order, then I suggest he join the chirping sectaries in the libertarian party. As for the rest of us who are displeased with the current state of the party but who have not voted for "progressives" in a fit of pique, I suggest tuning out men like Jeffrey Hart and instead following the admonition of Cicero (as quoted by Lactantius): "True law is right reason conformable to nature, universal, unchangeable, eternal, whose commands urge us to duty, and whose prohibitions restrain us from evil...God himself is its author, its promulgator, its enforcer."

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