Thursday, February 10, 2005


I, too, commend Ed Brayton

Ed Brayton, whom I do not get along with, posted the following to Panda's Thumb

You know, sometimes I wonder why we haven’t just banned you from leaving comments here. More often than not, you offer nothing but vitriol and insults and are an embarrassment to our side, but this one is unnecessarily vicious even for you. The completely pointless reference to Phil Johnson and a “drool cup” is just totally uncalled for, and especially repulsive given the fact that he recently suffered another stroke. We can argue forcefully against the arguments of our opponents without demeaning and dehumanizing them. Consider this your first, last and only warning. Keep up this sort of nastiness and you will no longer be commenting here.

I join Mr. Rusty Lopez in commending Ed for taking the unprincipled loser known as "Great White Wonder" to task for his attack on Phillip Johnson.


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