Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Radical feminist Amanda Marcotte attacks Stephen Hawking

Amanda Marcotte, a radical feminist associated with Pandagon, attacks Stephen Hawking for having the unmitigated temerity to suggest humans could colonize the moon and Mars. (Probably because rockets are phallic symbols.) She writes:

The idea of starting over with a small group of people on another planet is the same racist, classist superiority complex-driven fantasy that fuels the mythology of the Rapture, where it’s assumed an elite group of “Christians” (imagined as mostly white Americans) will get sucked away while the rest of us inferior humans died in the cesspool that is Earth. I suspect the rich assholes who buy off scientists to spread imaginary doubt about global warming also think their elite status will save them, so that when the rest of us are crowding to the cities that are still above water and baking from the heat and possibly starving to death, they’ll be bouncing from air-conditioned mansion to air-conditioned car and living off hydroponically grown foods inside the farming wings of their tightly sealed mansions. Out of all the elitist fantasies about escape hatches, this is the only one that probably has an ounce of reality to it.

You forgot to work the concept of "heteronormative bigotry" into that pile of bull****, Amanda.

And, as Chris notes, there’s no evidence that we can recreate a working biosystem on another planet...

Astute thee! Could that be because we haven't tried it yet?

If I seem angry, it’s because I am.

Choleric and on the verge of an apoplectic fit is more like it. Anyway, shouldn't you be channeling your rage into establishing matriarchal anarcho-syndicalist communes with effete males as the servant caste?


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