Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Mathematical Idealism

Quote: mathematical analysis is a language for learning the internal harmony of the world, the only true objective reality
Quote: mathematical analysis is primarily the study of temporal and spatial frames
Quote: objective reality is that which is common to many thinking beings; it can only be the harmony expressed by mathematical laws [»poinH_1905, OK]
Quote: mathematics is an objective, ideal reality that is neither subjective nor physical [»daviPJ_1981]
Quote: mathematics is independent of the existence of material objects; mathematical existence means free from contradiction [»poinH_1908, OK]
Quote: mathematical concepts have absolute truth and a Platonic existence; e.g., the Mandelbrot set [»penrR_1989]
Quote: arithmetic laws are the laws of the laws of nature
Quote: although the senses can be confused, corporeal things contain what is clearly understand; at least as the objects of pure mathematics [»descR_1641]


I am a Platonic Idealist, and I see Mathematics as a triumph of Idealism.

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