Friday, December 08, 2006



Attn:Dearest one,

My name is Master Duke Guei, son of the former military ruler of Ivory
coast who was murdered by agents of this present government.After my
fathers death,all of our properties were seized by the goverment,and
we are still being hunted by agents of this government.

Since I am the only surviving member of my family, I have decieded to
confide in a reliable person that can help me out of my present
situation, based on
what my late father told me before he died. I am presently seeking
political asylum in the Netherlands, and since the law does not permit
me on money transaction in such amount, decided to seek for your

Before my late father died, he told me about a trunk box that he
deposited in a security company in the Netherlands Europe in my name,
this trunk box is US$25,000,000.00(Twenty-five million United States
Dollars Only) and I am the beneficiary of this fortune. This is where
I need your help to move this money out for safe keeping in your
country where I can invest and continue with my education. I have
the security company and they have acknowledged that the box is in
there possession and that I can claim it whenever I am ready.My
late-father deposited and registered the box as containing family
valuables as not to attract the attention of the company's staff or
more dummurage bills.

I am willing to give 20% to you for your efforts, if you can help me
claim this box, 5% will be set aside for what ever expenses that may be
incured in claiming the box. As soon as you agreed to help, the
security will forward an a goodwill agreement between you and I through
Legal department. And all other valid documents as the time of deposit
will be forwarded to you as soon as you agree to talk with the
security company who are the custodian of the consignment.

I sincerely hope that you can be kind enough to help me, i will also
appeal to you that because of who I am, I will like for this
information to be kept stictly CONFIDENTIAL because of my safety,as
soon as you
retrieve the box , I will come over to your country , while you will be
incharge of the investment.

I pray that God will give you the wisdom to help Me,
Thank you very much,
Duke Guei (master)

This sure does happen a lot.


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