Thursday, March 27, 2008


Excommunicated Mormon intellectuals: 10 years later

Although, I do not agree with these folks when it comes to the value of Mormonism, I appreciate their thoughtfulness and think they are worth watching.

Lavina Anderson

Lavina Anderson seems like a neat lady. I saw her briefly at a Sunstone conference over ten years ago.

Mike Quinn

I feel badly for Mike Quinn. Apparently, he was offered a position at ASU but jackass Ira Fulton used his moneyed influence to prevent it.

The other videos are available from the same source. I also recommend the interview with Margaret Toscano; she is another neat, intelligent woman. I think her argument re: "heavenly mother" is sound within the context of Mormonism. (Of course, I reject the doctrine of "heavenly mother" and a corporeal God or Heavenly Father.)



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